EMiX -The Electribe editor

    Current version: 0.08
    EMiX is an editor for the Electribe MX. current features are: -sync with current selected pattern through SYSEX -real-time sync of all the EMX settings through RNPN/CC (excluding step edit, song mode, and a few lesser used settings) -save/load curent state to presets (the matrix of white dots close to the midi interface selection) -"main volume" moving proportionally all the individual volumes (not linked to the master volume on the EMX) -Audio VU-meter for mixing purposes -entirely customizable/open source patch for Max users
    Quickstart guide: 1) select your midi/audio interfaces in the lower right part 2) select the pattern you wish to sync on the EMX and hit the "sync current pattern" button ONLY ONCE. 3) wait a few seconds so all the message are received, you're done syncing! Now you can do anything.
    *WARNING* nothing is saved on the EMX until you hit the WRITE button on the EMX. Because EMiX is at a early development stage, there can be errors when translating the midi/sysex messages. You should in a first time use the preset matrix (in the midi interface selection section) and only save it when you are sure everything is properly edited.
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