Gen - NH Rampsmooth & Slide

    I present to you both my first Toolbox submission and a rather useful Gen utility.
    NH.rampSmoothSlide believe it or not is a simple and efficient implementation of rampsmooth~ and slide~ within Gen. In addition to that it features continuous interpolation between the two smoothing methods.
    Very useful for those of us who are migrating our old MSP patches to Gen for higher efficiency, sound quality and hackability.
    Please enjoy and do let me know if you make anything interesting with it.
    Tool Files
    • NH.RampsmoothSlide

    • Dec 14 2015 | 4:40 pm
      Hello Nathan, thank you for sharing this. I am no gen expert but a true rampsmooth lover :) so I was very happy to find your tool online.
      messing up things a little bit to try and develop a gen based compressor, I think I found a difference between the behaviour of your tool and the one of rampsmooth. basically it seems to me that in relation to the amplitude of the input signal your tool is keeping the same slope, thus affecting the duration of the smoothing, while rampsmooth changes the slope in order to keep the same duration.
      I attach a very simple demonstration.
      I would really appreciate your feedback on this.
      Bests Tom