Flexible realtime timestretching and pitchshifting with a granular engine in Max/MSP.
    With this external you can expand your max toolkit for natural and experimental playback. It incorporates the algorithm used by Mattijs Kneppers in his granular stretcher patch and adds a load of extra options and features.
    It is available for both windows and mac, and works in max 5 (in 32bit) and max 6 (in 64 bit).
    The video below gives you an impression of what you can do with it by giving you a walkthrough using the helpfile:

    grainstretch~ granular timestretching and pitchshfiting for Max/MSP

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      Mihai Traista
      Oct 14 2018 | 8:58 am
      A solution for working with grainstretch~ in Max 7 on Mac: 1. go to max app, right click, get info, check 'open in 32bit mode' 2. create your patch (grainstretch~ works in 32bit) 3. convert your patch in an app (file, build collective/application) 4. right click on the newly created app, get info, open in 32 bit 5. go to max app, right click, get info, check 'open in 64bit mode'