harmony maker

    The library includes 3 tools:
    scale-maker - scale generator based on key/octave
    chord-maker - uses incoming scale and selects the notes to generate a chord based on the selected harmony function (I,II,III,IV,V etc)
    voicing maker - the incoming scale is transformed to a chord based on the selected voicing type
    The test-patch shows how to use all three in a chain to generate chords/aleatoric progressions.
    The namespace 'jmx' is used to define my tools, generators, projects, libraries.
    All programed in Max/Msp
    Ideas for design influenced by stretta's beat factory: https://cycling74.com/tutorials/practical-max-2/ - Thank you stretta!
    Tool Files
    • Test for Harmony-maker
    • scale-maker
    • voicing-maker
    • chord-maker