iCube and oCube

    These plugins for Max facilitate the integration of I-CubeX digitizers in your Max patches. Features include:
    • Sensor data processing: inversion (increasing sensor stimulation results in decreasing output values), thresholds (the sensor values within the specified range are offset and scaled to a desired output range), zooming (set the sensitivity of an input to a specific voltage range), smoothing (reduce noise in the sensor values), noise gate (output values only if they are larger by a desired amount than the previous value).
    • Sensor preset: make use of a standard set of presets to quickly configure an input.
    • Sensor data routing: connect sensors to any desired output of iCube, or switch the routing instantaneously.
    • Actuator output control: generate single or repeating pulses with variable pulse width.
    • Multiple iCube and oCube instantiation support: use multiple instantiations of the Max plugins to achieve maximum modularity of your patches.
    • Multiple digitizer support (support for digitizer device IDs): use up to 126 digitizers in one Max patch.
    • Auto configuration restore: automatic configuration re-load after a digitizer power cycle.
    • Digitizer version support: digitizer firmware and hardware are checked by iCube and features are made available accordingly.
    • Debugging support: verbose and print functions provide more details of iCube and oCube data processing/status as well as digitizer status.
    This version 3.1 is compatible with Max 6 and up. For older (eg. 32-bit) versions check the product pages for the iCube & oCube plugins.
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