Jamoma Modular

    Jamoma Modular for Max is a set of custom externals and patching guidelines for Max developers. Version 1.0 provides an MVC-like architecture for your patchers allowing to patch multiple dynamic remote views for your patchers (models). Using the Jamoma Modular framework in your patchers also provides advanced state management of the various parameters within your patchers by the use of presets and cuelists, flexible mappings between parameters or externals devices using classic ease functions or custom ones. Jamoma-based patchers also embed features to handle unit conversions, ramping options and much more.


    Stable and beta installers for OSX and Windows are available on Jamoma download page.
    You may also check out Jamoma source code at Github

    Get in touch

    Exchange with other Jamoma users and developers by visiting the Jamoma.org website and forum.


    If you wish to support Jamoma, feel free to do so by visiting Jamoma pledgie page.
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