Kinect-via-Synapse Max Interface

    First published in Dec. 2011, Kinect-via-Synapse Max Interface routes and displays user-tracking data from the XBox Kinect via OSC messages inside Max/MSP. No external drivers required, although you will need Synapse (, as well as the OSC-route external. The interface handles fifteen /joint messages for a single user, three different tracking modes, and six different joint event messages with a real time configuration of external routing options. Includes installation, guide manual, as well as credits.
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    • Amandda Kao's icon
      Amandda Kao's icon
      Amandda Kao
      Aug 01 2017 | 12:33 am
      Hey all, I was just wondering if the new kinect for xbox One would work with this? I just want to make sure before I purchase one. Thanks in advance!
    • Candace Hazelwood's icon
      Candace Hazelwood's icon
      Candace Hazelwood
      Nov 13 2017 | 6:23 pm
      I am on Windows 7. have synapse folder on Desktop and kinect-via-synapse in max-packages, but I tried to 'add folders to search path' in max file browser and it gives the error "error while trying to add kinect-via-synapse to file path" so I assume that is why when I open the davinci presentation patch all the data is 0? thanks for any help.