Launchpad Controller for Max (and Mira)

    Control your Max patch with a Novation Launchpad. Customize button behavior and color schemes with a simple GUI interface (or by editing JSON). Contains "VirtualLaunchpad", a Mira-compatible software equivalent of Launchpad.
    launchpad_controller.js is a javascript which gives Launchpad buttons state (as a Max dict compatible object), and facilitates updating light colors by button press or programmatically as specified in the dictionary representations of each button. The controller reports state changes so that your Max patch can respond to them, and changes sent from your Max patch will update the Launchpad lights accordingly.
    launchpad_controller_demo.maxpat : Gives you an idea of how to use launchpad_controller.js in your patch.VirtualLaunchpad : a Mira-compatible software equivalent of Launchpad.lp_proxy_button_setter.maxpat : Tool for easy customization of button color / behavior.
    Note: Requires Max 6 or higher ( 6.1.3 to use with Mira ).
    Out of the box you don't need to know javascript to be able to use the object, but you would be able to extend the currently functionality more easily if you do.
    Tool Files
    • Launchpad Controller 1.0

    • Rich Path
      Nov 15 2017 | 3:40 pm
      Hi Tyler - where can this patch (or any of your other Max patches such as the VirtualLaunchpad) be downloaded from? The Tool Files link here isn't active, and I don't find any download links on your website either...
    • jean's icon
      jean's icon
      Nov 25 2017 | 12:27 am
      Same question! no link.