Live spectral processing: patches for Expo '74 NYC 2011

    These are 10 patches I prepared for the workshop “Live spectral processing” I gave at Expo ’74 in New York City on October 16th, 2011. Includes 5 audio freeze patches, 4 phase vocoder patches, and a simple live machine-learning patch.
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    • Live spectral processing patches

    • Dec 04 2011 | 4:05 am
      really great patches. thanks
    • Dec 05 2011 | 11:32 am
      Thanks for trying them out!
    • Apr 09 2012 | 2:03 pm
      hey just found these through a forum post, they are really great. You can make some very beautiful sounds with them thanks a lot.
    • May 10 2012 | 5:41 pm
      Hi Jean-François
      These are great - I've reproduced your article for a course I'm teaching, and some of my students are exploring your patches.
    • Aug 28 2014 | 3:03 pm
      These are great patches, thanks! Lots of things to learn.
    • Jun 05 2015 | 10:50 pm
      I love these patches. I've been spending some time with them and I have a question: What would I need to change if I wanted to sonify an arbitrary image using the basic structure of the 08-photo-pvoc patch? If I load an existing 1-plane spectrogram into the matrix I get mostly crackling noises. Is it because the phase plane is empty? Should I fill it with something? Perhaps it's a float32 translation problem?
      Sorry for the noob question. I appreciate your work and it's really helping me understand FFTs
    • Jun 06 2015 | 7:01 am
      Thanks Zach. The patch is meant to work with a 2-plane matrix, float32 type; the most important is to keep the matrix height: it is the number of bins, i.e. half the FFT size. As a first step to "sonify" an image, try to feed it to the "amplitude" plane (plane 0) of the "spectrum" matrix in the example, without changing the type/dim/planecount. The "phase difference" plane (plane 1) can be filled with 0s, or with "noise" (random values). To get started with a more simple template, you could get started with patch "3-record-play-speed-control" among the ones at All best.
    • Jun 30 2015 | 12:56 pm
      Amazing patches! Is is simple to change the sonogram from a floating window to one fixed to the patch? I tried the obvios... turning off @floating 1 but that just means it isn't the top window anymore.
      Many thanks
    • Nov 05 2015 | 7:48 am
      Thanks Noisey Parker, It looks like you want to use a [jit.pwindow] instead of a [jit.window].
    • Apr 06 2017 | 3:36 am
      Great Patches, thanks you ! Learned a lot in FFT and Jit. processing !
    • Apr 23 2017 | 5:54 pm
      Are the patches gone or is it still possible to find them and try them out?
    • Apr 27 2017 | 9:58 am
      Hello! I could not find any patch in this link. Could you share them again please?
    • May 24 2017 | 5:26 pm
      I would also love to try these patches. Can you repost/rehost?