A handy clipping for setting delay times using live.dial.  It has two modes, ms and note.  In ms mode, you can double or half the tempo, and in note mode you can change the base value with a dot or a triplet.  Values set in note mode are reflected back into ms mode so if you want something that's close to a quarter but slightly faster or slower, you can do that as well.
    Live.TimeChooserExtra is exactly the same except that in note mode it has an additional ±% option, where -100% is equal to 50% of the current value (e.g. quarter -> eighth) and 100% is equal to 200% (e.g. quarter -> half) of the current value.  Live.TimeChooserExtraStereo is designed for stereo delay times.
    To use this tool, move it into: MaxApplicationFolder>patches>clippings
    Tool Files
    • Live.TimeChooser