lowertone h.elpers

    h.elpers - first run

    We are proud to present our first product: h.elpers!
    h.elpers is pack of 16 addons for Max/MSP, that should help in faster and easier prototyping and learning.
    h.elpers consist of: h.cpu~ – meter of CPU usage h.dac~ – audio output with limiter and recorder h.del~ – delay with feedback and freeze options h.dw~ – easy dry/wet control h.ext~ – dynamic external audio routing h.meter~ – customizable audio signal meter h.midi_Key – converting computer keyboard into midi input h.midi_S – mapping for midi signals h.pan~ – panning module h.print – easier printing with gate h.psd~ – pseudo stereo delay h.rec~ – faster audio recording h.slider~ – for using dB curves for 0. – 1. values h.solo~ – easy soloing of multiple signals h.soloStereo~ – easy soloing of multiple stereo signals h.vol~ – easier volume control
    Mac and Windows versions included!

    • Jan 06 2013 | 12:10 pm
      New h.elpers are available for free download! Update includes two new addons:
      h.sampler~ – stereo sampler h.filtergraph~ – graphical filter designed for use with bpatcher