MC-909 Slicer

    This patch is largely based on a volume envelope effect found in Roland's "MC-909" sampler/groovebox but with some additional features.
    The user can set a number of slices and decide what resolution each slice represents. These resolutions can be tempo relative (1/16th note, dotted quarter note, etc.) or absolute (127 ms., 493 ms., etc.). Each slice is a graphic representation of the volume level at that particular slice in time. The rate to which each volume level changes can also be set, the results of this range from extremely choppy to super smooth transitions.
    I also included a "clip calculator." This allows the user to tell the slicer how long the clip is and to divide its length by the number of slices. This feature is more for the artsy performer who wants to explore complex rhythmic ratios. (Ultimately I would like to streamline this process in future versions by using Live API to grab the clip information instead of manually punching it in).
    My impetus in creating this patch is to superimpose volume templates that are unrelated to the clip thus creating syncopation and blurring vertical alignment. For example, you can load in a clip that's in 5/4 time yet impose a 4/4 envelope on top... or a 7/8 envelope... or anything you can think of! The end result is fascinating and allows for a lot of potential; seemingly straightforward clips can sound super complex.
    Tool Files
    • MC-909 Slicer