Yofiel Message Ring

    ULA provides a simple, open, and extensible way to connect many parts of a system together. All patches on the ring can send messages on a single wire to any other, wherever they are on the ring. It has one controller, in a Diag subpatch, primarily to stop stack overflow due to endlessly cycling messages. All messages passing through Diag may also be printed to the to the Max debug window, with a timestamp. Because all ring messages pass through the controller, it can also manage message recording and playback, to recreate any real-time AV composition on the Ula system.
    Ula v1.1 improves upon Ula 1.0 by providing more detailed messages, as well as more ways for patchers to talk to each other, such as message broadcast, snooping, and injection. The Diag module also provides ring tests, reset, performance stats, and a simple way to add and remove subpatches from the ring.
    The v1.1 download and documentation is here: