midi in/out for MaxForLive

    lh_midiinoutV1.03 - A pair of objects to access all midi data types from within M4L devices.
    Updated to work smoothly with core midi changes and multiple occurrences of the same midi controller (e.g. 2 x Launchpads)
    lh_smidiinV1.00 - A reworked version of lh_midiin, which outputs a stream of ints as opposed to formatted lists of incoming midi. Useful for receiving long sysex messages.
    Tool Files
    • lh_midiinout intel 10.7.4
    • lh_smidiin intel 10.7.4

    • John Lightner's icon
      John Lightner's icon
      John Lightner
      Nov 12 2017 | 7:43 pm
      Hello All - I am trying to revive this thread, as the last post was back in 2015. Is there a new or better way to do this? I have been trying for quite some time and cannot seem to get anything to work here with max4live.
      I've searched the forum and the web a bit and have not found much information on the topic from this year or last as well.
      Surely there is a way to get midi into an audio effect by now? Please let me know, would really appreciate this.
    • keepsound's icon
      keepsound's icon
      Jul 06 2019 | 1:14 am
      Very old thread...seems like the objects are x86 architecture, but max8 and Live are now in x64 arch. It the creator of this object is always there, can he give us a x64 version? thanks in advance