midi in/out for MaxForLive

    lh_midiinoutV1.03 - A pair of objects to access all midi data types from within M4L devices.
    Updated to work smoothly with core midi changes and multiple occurrences of the same midi controller (e.g. 2 x Launchpads)
    lh_smidiinV1.00 - A reworked version of lh_midiin, which outputs a stream of ints as opposed to formatted lists of incoming midi. Useful for receiving long sysex messages.
    Tool Files
    • lh_midiinout intel 10.7.4
    • lh_smidiin intel 10.7.4

    • Feb 07 2011 | 4:37 pm
      Perfect thank you, ill have a play in the morning.
    • Feb 08 2011 | 4:52 am
      Amazing, thank-you so much for this. I can now build my Live MIDI Show Control device.
    • Apr 19 2013 | 1:48 pm
      I installed by copying them into a folder I have added as a path to M4L. lh_smidiin and lh_midiin show up and I can insert them in a patch, but they are sort of greyed out and don't have any inlets or outlets. I'm on OS X 10.6.8 - would incompatibilites show up like that in Max or did I install them wrong? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, AK
    • May 22 2013 | 10:10 am
      Is there a version for Windows? Greetings, Wound
    • May 29 2013 | 5:01 pm
      I had the same issues on 10.6.8 as Apola. Any chance there is a Snow Leopard version in the works?
      Thanks, Evan
    • Jun 09 2013 | 1:26 pm
      Same issues as everyone else:
      1.03: Does not work at all 1.02: The help files load but the object itself has no inlets and does not load
      OSX ML, Latest M4L and Ableton.
    • Jun 09 2013 | 1:41 pm
      The issue may be related to this: http://abstrakt.vade.info/?p=62
      It certainly shows up as a folder on mine
    • Dec 03 2013 | 10:50 pm
      Okay! This v3 version did not work at all? Trying to find a solution by adding Pkginfo etc, nothing worked. Searched for an earlier version and that resulted in a working .mxo (in the v3 release the inlet and outlets didn't show up). I uploaded the .zip in the attachment!
    • Oct 16 2014 | 4:06 pm
      dear mr hunt – i've tried to reach you via the mail-address provided with your externals but have had no success so far. i'd be gracious if you could briefly send me you're current contact to benni (thethingy) fnfnfnfn.de as i have some questions about your license. thanks a ton!
    • Apr 25 2015 | 3:40 pm
      I am trying to use lh_midiinout in M4L to send Bank and Program changes to an E-mu Virtuoso 2000. I set up a patch that works fine when using the midiout port of Live, but does not work when using lh_midiout instead.
      With V1.02, I get invalid bytes (as seen with the MIDI Monitor app), when sending the midi messages. With V1.03, the lh_midiout object does not have any inputs or output ports and does not even show up in "List Externals and Subpatcher Files". I tried relaunching both Live and MAX before each trial.
      My goal, once this works, is to build a complete controller for that synth, so I will later need to use SysEx (which is why I am trying to use lh_midiinout).
      I am on a Mac with OS X Yosemite 10.10.2, with Live 9.0.6.
      Any help or hint appreciated. Thanks!
    • Apr 25 2015 | 6:21 pm
      lh_midiinout is a 3rd party external on system level, and thus depending on the OS it may not be reliable and future-proof.
      You could use UDP/OSC instead for sending special midi data from Live and convert OSC back to midi with a standalone Max application.
    • May 03 2015 | 4:01 pm
      I do not have Max (only MaxForLive), so using a standalone Max application is not a solution for me. Would it be possible instead to use Live MIDI Remote Scripts?
    • May 04 2015 | 11:12 am
      Marco you can use a Remote Script yes, but it's a little bit of work. You have to set a User remote script, give its encoders parameters the corresponding CC values from your controller. Then in M4L select your User remote script as the control surface you want to listen for, grab the desired CC it's receiving and do whatever you want with it. I've actually made a patcher for that, but didn't find the time to properly document and post it on the web. Send me your email address via mp and I'll give you the patch. Cheers Jul
    • Nov 12 2017 | 7:43 pm
      Hello All - I am trying to revive this thread, as the last post was back in 2015. Is there a new or better way to do this? I have been trying for quite some time and cannot seem to get anything to work here with max4live.
      I've searched the forum and the web a bit and have not found much information on the topic from this year or last as well.
      Surely there is a way to get midi into an audio effect by now? Please let me know, would really appreciate this.
    • Jul 06 2019 | 1:14 am
      Very old thread...seems like the objects are x86 architecture, but max8 and Live are now in x64 arch. It the creator of this object is always there, can he give us a x64 version? thanks in advance