Midi Progression Generator / Recorder

    This tool generates chords and you are able to record the midi sequence with the recorder
    1. define the density for the chord-generation (right top)
    2. start the transporter (right bottom)
    3. start the program (left top)
    4. select the duration for your recording (middle umenue with 1,4,8 etc bars inside the orange box)
    5. after recording you can play back the midi sequence or save the file and use it for another production inside logic/ableton etc
    The library includes 4 tools:
    scale-maker - scale generator based on key/octave
    chord-maker - uses incoming scale and selects the notes to generate a chord based on the selected harmony function (I,II,III,IV,V etc)
    harmony-maker - by selecting a progression line this tool generates the chords based on the function of the sequence in its progression
    voicing maker - the incoming scale is transformed to a chord based on the selected voicing type
    The namespace 'jmx' is used to define my tools, generators, projects, libraries.
    All programed in Max/Msp
    Ideas for design influenced by stretta's beat factory: https://cycling74.com/tutorials/practical-max-2/ - Thank you!
    Tool Files
    • progression generator/recorder