Mixer, an audio Max/MSP package

    ABOUT Mixer.* is a Max/MSP package for audio mapping projects. The package includes various objects, like channel strips, eqs, limiters, and aux sends. Mixer.* provides GUI, modular design, and pattr binding for smooth integration into your Max/MSP workflow. Project webpage at http://jpbellona.com/mixer-maxmsp-package/
    HOW TO USE To install, place the 'mixer-x.x.x' folder inside 'Max > packages' directory. Then restart Max. You will then have access to all mixer.* objects.
    Inside a Max window, you may type 'M' (that's shift-M) to quickly access these tools (bpatcher @name mixer.*), or create a new object, start typing "mixer" and let autocomplete help you do the rest. All mixer.* objects contain helpfiles, with attribute and methods reference, as well as links to other relevant objects in the package. All mixer objects are linked to pattr, which means channels, subgroups, and mixers can be easily stored and recalled with presets.
    Please provide feedback via jon at jpbellona dot com. I'd love to hear what you have to say!