[MMF-Fantastick] : Max Multitouch Framework for iPad, iPhone & iPod-touch + Fantastick
    MMF-Fantastick is an extension of MMF (Max Multitouch Framework) : a set of abstractions to control max user interface directly within a multitouch screen.
    Fantastick is a free app for iPad, iPhone & iPod-touch :
    MMF-Fantastick will draw on your iThing (thanks to Fantastick) a representation of all named UI objects that are visible in the presentation mode of your Max patch, and let you control them directly from the multitouch screen of your device. It's really easy to configure, fast, bi-directionnal.. and free !
    - first, install and configure Fantastick on your iPad/Phone/iPod-touch ( ) - download & install latest version of MMF-Fantastick from (please read included readme file for instructions)