Small update:
    A couple of abstractions have been added and some existing ones have been cleaned up a bit.
    This is a growing set of abstractions dealing with simple drawing issues. It includes:
    MRdistance, calculate the distance between 2 points in either 2D or 3D
    MRlineBT, ensure a given line is always drawn from bottom to top
    MRlineToAngle, calculate the angle of a given line
    MRlineToRect, find the bounding rectangle of a given line
    MRpointInCircle, detect if given point falls within a defined circle
    MRpointInRect, detect if given point falls within a defined rect
    MRpointInSphere, detect if a given point falls within a sphere
    MRpointOnLine, detect if a given point falls on a defined line
    MRpointToRect, create a rectangle from a given point
    MRradiusToRect, given a radius, calculate the bounding rectangle
    MRrectCenter, calculate the center of a given rectangle
    MRrectEnlarge, enlarge or shrink a given rect by a %age
    MRrectToRadius, calculate the radius of a circle inside a given rect
    MRrectWH, calculate the width and height of a given rectangle (now int or float)
    Some abstractions make use of the “nTb-MRr” abstractions which are also included. They are not 100% necessary to run any MRgeometry, but some helpfiles use them.
    Also seet :
    Tool Files
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