mtloo - a multitouch trackpad looper

    mtloo is a multitouch trackpad looper. It supports up to four loops and is meant to be used with Apple's multitouch trackpad. The parameters which can be controlled with the trackpad are: volumeplayback speedpanning (2ch), effect feed (wet/dry), loop sizeloop starting pointrecord new loop. For most of these parameters the user also has the possibility of saving and retrieving presets.
    You can see the looper in action here. (mtloo+electric guitar)
    It is shared here as an example of putting together various techniques in creating a basic user interface which allows a user to control a Max/MSP patcher using only Apple's multitouch trackpad for live performance. It is an example of putting to use some of the tools in the matra toolbox.
    mtloo uses the following externals:
    [fngerpinger] – by Max & Michael Eggers (2009) [gigaverb~] – by Sadeharju & Matthes, updated by Nadzharov (2012)
    You need to have a post-2008 intel macbook with a multitouch trackpad or a magic trackpad, and MacOSX Snow Leopard or later.
    You are free to use, share, smoke, or cook this text and/or patcher, anywhere and for any reason (apart from the two externals above which are licensed by their respective owners and should be used accordingly.)
    Tool Files