NedFX MaxForLive Bundle

    All the Ned Rush M4L devices in one bundle. Wacky and eccentric FX ranging from beat repeaters and live sampling editors to buffer delays, filter sequencers, retro emulations and performance based sample players, even an auto tuner.

    • Sep 06 2013 | 4:22 pm
      Hi Ned ! its all really fantastic there Ned , instead of GUI aesthetics that can expand or hide whats crucial inside the device/app you are using/offering . thats why there is so much INPUT and rush on that topic (in design world) . Your design should at least to be inviting (your color code and unregular element placing is somehow disturbing). Design should stay in memory , and give you a feeling that you want to back to it , touch it . I love Flat Design type of thinking , but this need much more focus . Please consider this . All of us should I dont want to sounds rude . im sorry ,its not the purpose . but in my humble opinion you miss that topic in general , . If you are offering a product and you charge for it ,can i have some expectations ? . Again im sorry if it sounds adverse , im just seeing huge potential that would work for me but i dont want to herd with your GUI .