All the libraries are available at the website :
    Dag Library is a collection of C classes and MAX/MSP objects destined to data analyse and generation.
    dag.average : A moving average generator dag.chaos : A chaotic attractor external dag.distance : A distance calculator dag.random : A random list generator dag.scale : A scale object with autoscale mode and boundary mode dag.gaussian : A normal ditribution generator dag.smooth : A value blender dag.statistic : A statistic calculator
    Rev Library is a collection of C++ classes and MAX/MSP objects destined to the synthesis of reverberations.
    rev.convolve~ : A zero latency convolution reverb rev.freeverb~ : An implementation of the freeverb algorithm rev.gigaverb~ : An implementation of the gigaverb algorithm rev.rotate~ : A stereo field rotation rev.width~ : A stereo width controler

    • Jul 23 2013 | 4:24 am
      max 6.1. When i Send two integers as a list with pak into each side Max crashes. Any tips ?
    • Jul 23 2013 | 4:25 am
      I meant with dag.distance
    • Jul 24 2013 | 3:09 am
      Hi, In the 2nd inlet, you should prepend an index to your list (index, value1, value2). If you send a list without an index before, the first value of your list will be understood like the index. I don't clip the number of lists so when the index is high, Max crashes (I'm going to fix it),then if your 1st value is high then Max crashes. I've try on mac and windows, with two integer in the left inlet (value1, value2) and two integer the right inlet with prepend 1 (1, value1, value2), it works.
      Thanks for feedback,
    • Jan 02 2016 | 1:14 am
      Hi Pierre
      The link seems to be broken to the download. is also down.
    • Jan 04 2016 | 4:15 pm
      My website is no more available and this set of tools is no more maintained. But you can find the binaries and the sources on the GitHub repository of the CICM : PotPourri-Pgs. The link to download the binaries is at the bottom of the page.
    • Jan 04 2016 | 4:52 pm
      Thank you Pierre
      I shall check them out.
      Happy new year to you and all.