Send messages from dict

    Another little tool : as it usually happens in music with live electronics, the list of "cues" maybe be very long and may need to be modified during the compositional process. The goal of this tool is to use a dict object to be able to edit easily a potentially very long and complex list of messages.
    To send a message you simply have to write the destination and the message value in the dict, you just have to enclose several messages in an array to send them at the same time.
    Here's how a cue list would look like (without the comments) : { "1" : "receiver1 11", //first cue, sends one message "1a" : [ "receiver1 111", "receiver2 112", "receiver3 0" ], //cue added afterwards, sends 3 messages at the same time "2" : [ "receiver1 12", "receiver2 22" ] //second cue send 2 messages }
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