StikShift - Midi CC Interpreter for Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick

    The patch is custom made for a Logitech Extreme 3d Pro joystick (under $30 just about anywhere). The joystick has 4 axes, a POV hat, and twelve buttons. Never having used a joystick for these purposes, I tried to add functionality I thought would be useful. Heck, maybe I'll even use the darn thing if I ever start making actual music.
    Please read the pdf enclosed with the file.  I embedded the POVLed patch, but threw it in for safe keeping.   Hoping I set the window sizes properly and all.
    One to do I forgot to mention in the pdf is a 'breakout' sort of slim monitor interface that has all the same functionality but with a minuscule screen footprint. Once you learn how to use everything, you'll understand.
    BTW, I'm happy to modify this for other joysticks/manufacturers, if I can get the element indexes and ranges for the axes/button outputs.
    Tool Files
    • StikShift Max 5 Patch
    • StikShift Documentation

    • May 28 2012 | 5:49 am
      Another modified version of this that works with some gamepads is also available through the monome site linked above.