sy is a package for Max 6.1 easing manipulation of symbols. A class of Max objects already addresses manipulation of symbols (for instance: sprintf, regexp, combine, atoi, itoa...). However some basic string operations are still not so trivial to be performed, and others might require more effort than intuitively needed.
    The sy library is meant to fill this gap, by providing easy way to accomplish simple operations on Unicode symbols like changing case, appending or prepending characters, finding or replacing substrings, picking specific characters or character ranges, filtering character types, converting UTF encodings, splitting strings, iterating and collecting on characters, reversing, rotating or permuting characters, comparing symbols, sorting alphabetically, and much more.
    sy is strongly based on the ICU4C library.
    The library is extremely young, and thus prone to bugs and missing features. Please report them at the email address shown in the sy.overview, in the Extras menu.
    Current version is 0.1 alpha, for Mac only. A Windows version is planned for the near future.