The sadam Library

    A set of externals for different tasks, among others:
    • Data compression (LZO compression/decompression, base64 encoding/decoding)
    • XML processing (DOM, SAX, RapidXML)
    • Synthesis (Additive, Substractive, FOF)
    • Complex sound analysis (Spectral peak extraction, Envelope following)
    • Networking (binary streaming, TCP and UDP communication)
    • Arithmetic computations (fast GCD, LCM, prime factorization)
    • Improved/modified versions of native Max/MSP objects (rand~, split, float...)
    • And more...
    The library comes with full documentation (including reference docs and help files), all objects run on Intel/PPC Mac and Windows.

    • Jul 17 2018 | 8:36 am
      Great tools, Love the networking externals!