Video Step Sequencer/'Drum' Machine

    This is a full video-based Step Sequencer/Drum Machine. It's specifically designed for extremely fast video playback, so that videos can be triggered with absolutely no lag for full improvisational, instrument-like play. Use heavily by my performance group Ladies and Gentlemen, as seen here:
    As of right now, the patch is pretty specifically designed for use in our band -- which means things like MIDI bindings, pre-sets, etc are currently baked in. If there's sufficient interest, I can spend some time making this more generalized for users and hashing out some documentation.
    In order to get nearly lagless playback, your footage has to be set up in a particular way: First, audio and video need to be separated into separate files with the same name, so should be split into (without audio) and my_movie.aif. These need to be split up so that you have the following folder structure:
    > footage/some_category/ > audio/some_category/my_movie.aif
    All within the same folder as the Sequencer. In the future I may build some functionality for auto-sorting and processing footage, but for now this is how to arrange your media for use within the project. Once your media is set up appropriately, the Sequencer should autodetect your folders/media at startup.
    Play around with it, let me know what you think!