WROOM is a device to create harsh,brutal feedback or dreamy, softly oscillating drones or whatever else you make it do.
    WROOM consists of a 'sender' and a 'receiver' ,setting up a feedback-chain in between them. Inside that chain,you may drop whatever FX , an Overdrive for the 'harsh' or a Reverb for the 'dreamy' .
    There's a feedback-limiting-circuitry ,working just as if you would be pulling down the feedback-knob in panic because things got 'out of hand'. By using the attack and release controls, you can create complex ducking and self-oscillating structures.
    You may use several instances of WROOM in your LIVE-set, each sender/receiver pair is unique to a track or an effect-rack.
    WROOM requires Ableton Live 9 and Max/Msp 7.
    click the 'tool site' link, there's a demo working for 5 -10 minutes and a full version as well.
    version 1.1:
    -WROOM would not sound exactly the same when reloading the live-set.this is due to plugsend~/receive pairs having different latencies each time the set or device is loaded.I'll eventually write a post about that issue and how to work around this.
    -a fix for the filter 'exploding' when 'FB limit' is set to 'FLT'
    -added a peak-limiter to the feedback-chain to manage extreme feedback settings
    -some GUI changes
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    • rbrt
      Feb 25 2016 | 9:42 pm
      here's WROOM 2 !
      changes: -entirely re-written engine,better sound, lower latency, improved stability -superuseful additional features -exciting flashy new GUI
      -a hell of a lot of noise