A Few Minutes with BEAP, Part 10

    In Part 10 of the "A Few Minutes with BEAP" tutorial series, we take a step away from creating monosynth emulations and drum models, and instead create an ever-changing flutter. This change in focus gives us a chance to look at a new module (the Granular Oscillator) and an interesting technique (dual LFO pairings). Patch along during this 12-minute journey, and see if you don't pick up some new ideas for your instruments!
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    A Few Minutes with BEAP: Pair the Granular Oscillator with LFOs (Part 10)

    • Oct 29 2020 | 2:15 am
      How come the CV1 dial is not moving? Would be helpful to see the extents of the LFO action. I want to create animated dials. ;0)