A Few Minutes with BEAP, Part 12

    In Part 12 of the "A Few Minutes with BEAP" tutorial series, we look at an unusual source for generating CV for your favorite BEAP modules - video. It's a quick way of adding UI controls to run multiple modules, too.
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    A Few Minutes with BEAP: Add Video Control (Part 12)

    by Gregory Taylor on
    Sep 27, 2016 5:52 PM

    • stonerich
      Sep 30 2016 | 4:33 pm
      And thanks for the excellent tutorial. For some reason Spectral Filter's Morph CV doesn't react to the sinal from Videoconverter.
      Windows 10 64/Ableton 9.6.1/Max 7.2.5
    • Max Gardener's icon
      Max Gardener's icon
      Max Gardener
      Sep 30 2016 | 7:16 pm
      My first thought would be that perhaps you're running a video that has very little in the way of change in it through the converter - remember that you're taking a grayscale average of ALL the pixels and outputting that average. The big giveaway would be to keep a close eye on the FADR (if you're patching along with the video). If you see very little in the way of movement by the fader, then that's probably the offending beast. Is that the case?
    • stonerich's icon
      stonerich's icon
      Oct 01 2016 | 4:13 pm
      Thanks, but the FADR is moving alright and I'm running the same video as in the tutorial.
      I forgot to mention that I'm using Max for Live in patcher mode.
      Windows 10 64/Ableton 9.6.1/Max for Live 7.2.5
    • stonerich's icon
      stonerich's icon
      Oct 01 2016 | 8:50 pm
      Ok, now it's magically working. Sorry for the trouble.
    • Trefor Ward's icon
      Trefor Ward's icon
      Trefor Ward
      Oct 10 2016 | 10:47 pm
      I can't find the Cloud Oscillator module, it doesn't show up in my version of Max 7. Am I doing something wrong?