Gen Code Export: ISF

    Following are the steps for the export of ISF source files with


    Max 6.1.7 or later

    Gen and ISF

    Background on ISF: ISF and Test App.
    ISF export enables gen patchers to be exported for use in VDMX. A gen patcher made with jit.pix or can be exported to ISF by sending the exportcode isf message, which will save the gen patcher as an .fs file.
    The ISF format supports scalar, vec2 and vec4 parameter types. On export, these will be converted to float, point2D, and color parameters. When exporting, make sure to set min/max limits on parameters. Otherwise, VDMX will assume an infinite range, making it difficult to use sliders and such to control the parameter.

    Exporting To an ISF File

    1. Create a gen patcher with
    2. Add parameters and set the @min and @max attributes on the param objects
    3. Send the message exportcode isf to the object
    4. Choose a directory to save the ISF file into
    5. (optional) Open the ISF file in a text editor to make any changes to the metadata such as the Category field
    6. Load the ISF file into VDMX