Get to Know the Live API Objects

    Many Max for Live devices utilize the Live API to control and keep track of different parts of a Live Set. Mappings are saved within a Live Set and saved Racks, making it easier to use these smart devices in your Set.

    Cycling74 Max for Live Tutorials: Persistent IDs

    Easily map live.object and live.remote~ to whatever is currently selected by the mouse. This is similar to how Live's MIDI-mapping system works, and it makes sense to extend this functionality to the Live API.

    Cycling74 Max for Live: Selected Params

    The Max object called live.thisdevice keeps track of the various states of a device, and knows for certain when the device is completely loaded and ready to go.

    Cycling74 Max for Live Tutorials: live.thisdevice

    by Cycling '74 on
    Mar 29, 2011 6:53 PM