Porting Shadertoy tutorials to jit.gl.pix

    Created by Andro and originally published on the Wiki:
    Shadertoy has some incredible pieces of work that can be translated into jit.gl.pix. Visit Shadertoy to find 28 tutorials that start from the very bottom up with creating and understanding how to build shaders.
    These start from showing how to fill in a screen with a colour to creating basic grids and geometry all with jit.gl.pix.
    All the examples with jit.gl.pix use codebox (Genexpr) due to some code being difficult to build with standard objects with patch cords. The Max file uses a simple Gswitch to swap between tuts.
    If you open the jit.gl.pix object you'll find a comment box with the original code from the Shadertoy page, this will allow you to see how certain things get translated from glsl into codebox.
    All the tutorials in one Max patch so that it's easier for people to compare code from other examples.
    There are some minor conversion problems such as origin of the co-ordinate system, etc. These are highlighted with comment boxes coloured red. Please feel free to edit the Max patch and fix any errors you find, just include clear comments so its clear what was changed for people.
    Once all the tutorials on this Shadertoy page are converted, it would make a great starting point for people to learn how to use jit.gl.pix and the jit.gen objects.