Video Series: Did You Know? (Series 2)

    In 2011, Andrew Pask created a series of practical tips and tricks called Did You Know? That series was very popular, and it remains a rich source of useful time-savers to this day. You can find the original series here: Did You Know? (1.0) We're proud to announce a sequel to the original series of the Did You Know? videos for your amazement and enjoyment. Be sure to check in weekly to increase your Max patching skills. The first video to kick of the Did You Know (2.0) series is a favorite of mine and one that saves me much time in trying to find old patches. As is the case, sometimes I can't remember the name or location of my Max patcher, but for some reason it's easier to remember the period in time when I was working on something, I won't go into further as the video sums it up succinctly.
    Stay tuned for the next year and 51 more videos. See you on the other side.
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    Did You Know (2.0) #1: Calendar