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    Having trouble with something? Check out the Forums, where Max experts and newbies alike hang out to help each other. The best way to get help is to be as detailed as possible.

    • Post your patch. (Try and edit your patch so that it just includes the problem area.)
    • Place comments in your patch to illustrate what should happen and what does happen.
    • Include instructions on how to operate your patch to get the errant behavior.
    • If using Max 5 (or newer), use the Copy Compressed feature (see below) to copy your patch into your forum post.
    • If you have trouble posting a new topic with a copy-compressed patch in it, an alternative method is attaching a zip file of your patch to your topic.
    • If you have trouble with either posting or attaching to a post, please send us details.
    Our Forums are checked regularly by Cycling '74 staff, as well as awesome Max veterans who have over 20 years of knowledge to share.

    Be clear with topic titles

    The more information you provide, the better help you'll get. General titles will get less attention, especially with dozens of topics being created at a regular basis.

    "Newbie questions about installing Max on OSX"

    "Help me!"

    Use Copy-Compressed Max Patches

    If you are using Max 5 or later, you can easily share your Max patches with others by using the copy-compressed format.

    Sharing a patch from Max

    • Highlight the section from your Max browser and go to 'Edit > Copy Compressed'.
    • This will add the patch to your clipboard. You can paste this directly when creating a forum post or within the body of an email.

    Viewing a patch in Max

    • Copy the code to your clipboard. Within Max, select 'File > New From Clipboard'. Make sure you copy it beginning with the first dashed line to the last.
    • If the patch is from a forum post, you can copy this automatically by clicking on the clipboard icon.
    Reference video from Max 6

    A Max Patch
    A Max Patch

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    It can take a few days, sometimes up to a week, for us to review your Project.

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