Welcome to the Cycling ’74 Community

Here are some brief guidelines and how-to's to help you get started.

First thing's first: please take a look at our terms and conditions .

Get help and advice from the Forums

Having trouble with something? The Forums are a great resource for getting answers.

The best way to get help is to be as detailed as possible.

  • Post your patch. (Try and edit your patch so that it just includes the problem area.)
  • Place comments in your patch to illustrate what should happen and what does happen.
  • Include instructions on how to operate your patch to get the errant behavior.
  • If using Max 5 (or newer), use the Copy Compressed feature to copy your patch into your forum post.
  • If you have trouble posting a new topic with a copy-compressed patch in it, an alternative method is attaching a zip file of your patch to your topic.
  • If you have trouble with either posting or attaching to a post, please send us details.

But before you post a question, make sure you check out the Product Documentation first.

Use Copy-Compressed Max Patches

If you are using Max 5 or later, you can easily share your Max patches with others by using the copy-compressed format.

Sharing a patch from Max

  • Highlight the section from your Max browser and go to Edit > Copy Compressed.
  • This will add the patch to your clipboard. You can paste this directly when creating a forum post or within the body of an email.

Viewing a patch in Max

  • Copy the code to your clipboard. Within Max, select File > New From Clipboard. Make sure you copy it beginning with the first dashed line to the last.
  • If the patch is from a forum post, you can copy this automatically by clicking on the clipboard icon .

View a reference video from Max 6 here.

Be clear with topic titles

The more information you provide, the better help you'll get.

"Newbie questions about installing Max on OSX"

  • This give users an idea that you are new to Max, it's about installation for Macs, and that you have questions.

"Help Me!"

  • General titles will get less attention, especially with dozens of topics being created at a regular basis.

beginner discussion help advanced

When starting a topic, you can also choose to add labels. This will allow other users to quickly glean relevant info.

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Share your Projects made with Max

We love hearing about how people use Max. Reach a wide audience by adding your Projects to our archives.

Share your Project with us

And we'll share it with the world

  • Once published, a link to your work will appear under the "Misc" forum. No need to create a new forum post.
  • Your project will also appear in your user profile.
  • Projects will also be fed into the Cycling ’74 social media streams and featured on the Community Page.

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