Heaven in a small bowl

    I am a total sucker for nearly any sort of risotto. With the exception of something that requires, say, Lobsters and Champagne and probably takes a million years to make, J. and I are pretty game. So this little Nigella Lawson piece in the New York Times about summer comfort food caught our eye.
    But the really silly bit of it is that what caught our eye was the dessert: peaches in Muscat wine. I'm generally not a big dessert wine guy (give me a good Eau de Vie any day. I got a bottle of this from J. for my birthday. It's probably the smoothest Framboise I have ever had. Yummy.), but this was simplicity itself: a bunch of sliced peaches covered with a very modest bottle of Muscat and allowed to marinate for a couple of hours, then served chilled. According to Ms. Lawson, one normally uses sugared red wine in Italy. I can't comment on that, but the fresh peaches and Muscat were positively heavenly au naturel, despite Ms. L's comments about dousing `em with vanilla ice cream or whipped heavy cream or dunking cookies in the muscat.
    The only difficult bit of this involved having to have a glass of Muscat earlier in the evening to finish off the bottle, and the fact that this particular dessert might not have been the best accompaniment to the documentaries on North Korea that were running on the History Channel (it's "Tyrant's Week." I am not making this up.).
    Oh, right-the final difficult bit involved summoning the courage to NOT finish the whole batch so that we could see how soaking the peaches a full 24 hours would work. Somehow, we have managed.