Jitter inna Pyongyang stylee

    I know I should have a bad case of Olympic Fever, but not even the Bjork and DJ Tiesto opener could move me--I truly must have a heart of stone. In the absence of such odd olympic events as pistol duelling, tug-o-war, or pigeon shooting from the games' salad days, I'm drawn back to the North Korean specials from the History Channel I taped a couple of nights ago while eating our Muscat and peaches (note to readers: probably, it's best to go with 4-6 hours on the marinade).
    In particular, I was positively stupefied by the Arirang Festival, with its low or appropriate-tech Jitter patches. Being the sort of person who just loves a tutorial, I said aloud to myself, `I wonder what the patch for that stuff looks like. I wanna see some video!' and got-a-googlin'. Alas and alack! All I could find were tantalizing still pictures like these and this batch, which look like they were actually taken by someone sitting in the bleachers.
    But persistence pays off, if not in the way I expected. Are you tired of actually reading Jitter tutorials and manual pages? Well, here's how it's really done if you're not an effete and decadent Capitalist wimp (and have several hundred thousand friends at your beck and call). And I also found someplace that would apparently sell me a DVD copy or something. Hmmmm....