Three small reasons to be happy

    I'm sure that we'll all get our fill of orchestrated images from the Republican National Convention in New York, and that will probably include stuff both inside and outside. Odd as it may be to remember, the whole affair might well be thought of as a huge trade show under seige. here is an interesting collection of how something like this looks to someone who's walking quiety around during the setup and takedown, noticing lots of the things we don't get to see.
    Alternately, if imagery about culture and politics wearies or depresses you, you can click here and discover what great thinkers in the field of ethical philosophy should be on your drinking/policy team. While I remain curious as to how percentage data that more closely resembles political prognostication than anything else would give me direction, it would appear that I need to read up on my Aristotle and Aquinas (really? you sure about that?).
    Since I am of an age when bifocal lenses are um, necessary, it's a rare pleasure to discover that I can get prescription sunglasses that actually match my real spectacles and wrap as well as those lovely Oakleys. My only quibbles so far are that it's not more of a frugal pleasure and that the cases for them looks a tad too much like the boxes that false teeth sleep in at night or something from David Lynch's version of Dune and don't fit well into cargo pockets. I'll just have to get out more to ju$tify acquiring them to myself (perhaps not driving into things will help remind me).