Jitter 1.2.2 for OS X and Windows XP released

    Jitter 1.2.2 for OS X and Windows XP is now available for download:
    This version fixes several bugs and is recommended for all Jitter users. Click "Full Story" for this version's release notes.
    Jitter 1.2.2 -- 040911______________
    • Jitter version now reported at launch
    • fix for resource conflict with SoftVNS
    • new jitter-config.txt. can be placed anywhere in search path and contain messages to jitter (e.g. jitter nosplash 1; jitter altivec 0;). will be loaded when jitter is first initialized.
    • new message to jitter nosplash
    • new message to jitter postversion
    • jit.gl.text2d+jit.gl.videoplane fixes to make these objects compatible
    • jit.gl.text2d attribute stack underflow fixes
    • jit.gl.render new ortho 2 mode for 2d style orthographic projection that doesn't use lens angle, as opposed to 3d style orthographic mode which does use lens angle(ortho 1). solves problems with nudging of lens angle or object scaling when trying to just fit objects exactly in the viewport.
    • jit.gl.sketch added ability to clear only depth, buffer, accum, stencil buffers with glclear command
    • jit.qt.grab new IIDC support (Mac only)
    • jit.qt.grab fix for VDIG component closing crash
    • jit.qt.movie tempfile read fix (solves file reading issues for track/movie operations)
    • jit.qt.movie fixes for preprerolling
    • jit.uldl preserve extensions when truncating long filenames
    • jit.uldl fixed upload issues on windows
    • jit.window fixes for crashes when invisible. it also records most state flags (border, floating, doublebuffer etc.), but not fullscreen.
    • jit.window attempted fix for "black flicker" problem on windows. if this problem persists, one thing to try would be turning off HW acelleration in the QT preferences panel of QTPlayer to see if the flicker is eliminated
    • jit.window fix for closebox on while floating (Win XP)