Fingerworks: iGesture SDK released

    Juha Vehviläinen writes "Fingerworks have released a new firmware and sdk for their multi-touch devices that allow output of raw finger position data. I've made an external to grab this data, available here:
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    The device tracks up to nine fingers simultaneously. For each finger you get path id, x and y position and velocity, proximity (area of contact), orientation and eccentricity. The refresh rate is about 100-120 Hz. I haven't measured the x and y resolution, but scaling to something like 400x400 is still very smooth. I'd say it's better than midi/Kaospad and less than a Wacom. The surface of the device is flat despite the numpad picture. You can use it through plastic - I'm planning to put white plastic on it to project images on the controller. Note that you need the NumPad to get finger data, I'm told the iGesture iPad doesn't have this feature. I don't know about the keyboard model. Not to make this a marketing speech (I don't work for Fingerworks) but I was very positively surprised by this device. I'd recommend it to anyone using their finger to play music.