Cycling '74 Announces Pricing and Availability for Octirama

    AES • New York • October 7, 2005 - Cycling '74, a software company based in San Francisco, today announced that Octirama, a Surround Dynamics Processor for Digidesign ProTools Systems, will be available November 1 for a MSRP of US$495.
    Octirama is the first full-featured, multi-band dynamics processor for 5.1 Surround Mastering for the Digidesign TDM environment. Octirama incorporates sophisticated four- and five-band processing for each of five channels plus sophisticated bass management for precise control of peaks and loudness. Octirama was developed jointly by Cycling '74 and the Plantronics Volume Logic Group, whose OctiMax dynamics processing technology is used in high-end dedicated broadcast systems as well as Cycling '74's Max/MSP signal processing software.
    Octirama's efficient design allows a full-featured processor to run on a single DSP chip. Functions for each of the 5 Surround channels include an input AGC, four- or five-band dynamics processor, five in-band peak limiters, band mixing, and a final peak limiter. Over 40 simultaneous meters provide detailed information on gain reduction, downward expansion, and output levels. Unlike other multi-channel dynamics processors, Octirama's processing algorithm preserves the original surround image. Stereo and mono versions of the plug-in are also included in the package.
    Octirama will be available from Cycling '74 distributors worldwide and online from Cycling '74.

    About Cycling '74

    Cycling '74 creates and distributes Mac OS and Windows software for audio, video, and multimedia innovators. Products include the Max/MSP/Jitter graphical programming environment, the Pluggo collections of Max/MSP-based audio plug-ins, the Radial loop-based composition and performance system, and the interactive algorithmic composition program M. Cycling '74 also releases creative musical and multimedia works through their c74 recording label and audio source libraries for musicians, sound designers and media producers through its Cycles series.
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