Food, food, food

    As many of you know, the c74 headquarters is in San Francisco and we are, like many around here, utterly food-obsessed. It is a constant source of entertainment as well as an obvious source of fuel.
    Everyone has their opinions on the best places to go -- whether it's a hole-in-the-wall or the ueber-pricey. We tend toward the former and dream of the latter. Our dreams are likely better than the actual experience anyway.
    So we have put together a list in case you're ever in the neighborhood. And if you don't like our suggestions, don't bother coming to our office. We have the ultimate weapon to keep angry people away.
    • Sushi Zone (HITW)
    • Azie (UP)
    • The Tamale Lady (tamale delivery)
    • Hotel Utah (go for the margaritas) (HITW)
    • Mo's
    • Tulan (HITW)
    • Hunan Home's (go for the General's Chicken)
    • The Tempest (HITW)
    • Le Charm
    • LuLu
    • Jai Yun (Pricey HITW)
    • Balompie Cafe (go for the Pupusas)
    • Taqueria Vallarta (go for outdoor tacos after 10pm)
    • Los Jarritos (go for the Mole)
    • Cha Cha Cha
    • Iroha (go for the Ramen)
    • Zante's Indian Pizza
    • Brother-In-Law's BBQ (go for the hot ribs, spaghetti, and wheat bread) (HITW)
    • In N Out (go for the DoubleDouble, fries animal-style)
    • Cafe Venue (go for the Thai Chicken Salad)
    • Cordon Bleu (go for the #5) (HITW)
    • Ritual Coffee (go for the Gibraltar)
    • Thanh Tam (go for any of the Vietnamese rice plates)
    • King of Thai Noodle House (best Pad-See-Ew and Papaya salad in town)
    • Mi Lindo Peru (Bistec a lo Pobre or Lomo Saltado)
    • Delfina Pizza
    • Tartine Bakery (go for the croque monsieur)
    • Don~a Tere's tent (go for tostadas and elote)
    Now back to making software.