Those Invalid Objects are Back

    Voiceband Jilt, the CD of my work released on the c74 label last year, took as its source material a set of recordings called the "Invalid Object" series. It was a project of the Irish label Fällt, originally released in the form of 24 3" CDs, each of which took their title from one of the "reserved words" in Java. The liner notes for the CD included a weblink to a location for the original recordings in MP3 format, in the hopes that you'd go and find the original material that inspired me so. However, the Fällt website was down for redesign and retooling for quite a lot of the last year, during which time the recordings were unavailable for your perusal.
    The great news is that Fällt is back with a nicely redesigned website. The whole site is well worth a visit and a listen, but you can now once again find the MP3s for the entire Invalid Objects series here for your downloading pleasure.