Cycling '74's Office Relocation, Part 2

    Painting Day

    For those of you who know San Francisco, there are two things you are well aware of. One, if you ask a pair of friends walking down the street where to get the best burrito, it could result in a fistfight. Two, it rarely gets hot here. Warm, yes. Hot, about 1 week each year. Monday, May 7th was hot and it was painting day.
    With a crew of five, we prepped and painted the main room four different colors in a little over 24 hours with some seriously tall poles and ladders.
    Gerhard Behles from Ableton happened to be in town and stopped by the see the progress. It seemed important to capture a compare-and-contrast image of two music software company CEOs.
    And being a good sport, Gerhard decided to give painting a try. Doesn't Joshua look good offering instructions? It might look like we've made some progress in this photo, but someone (i.e., David) still had to stand on a tall ladder and paint all of the edges between the colors. If you've ever done that, you know it takes forever. If Ableton calls asking us to paint their office, we'll try to steer them toward a single color.
    Unless something really exciting happens before our final move, the last installment of our Office Relocation Journal will be out at the end of the month. Remember, we'll be closed around Memorial Day for the final move.