Announcing Expo '74

    Cycling '74's First Software User Conference
    AES • San Francisco, CA • October 2, 2008--Cycling '74 today announced that its first user conference, Expo '74, will be held in San Francisco next April. The conference will include presentations, installations, workshops, and collaborative events covering the company's Max/MSP/Jitter software. Details will be outlined on the conference web site ( in the coming months.

    Dates, Location, and Pricing

    The conference will take place April 22-24, 2009 at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center ( Cycling '74 is committed to making the conference affordable for its software users with the registration fee expected to be under $400.

    About Cycling '74

    Cycling '74 creates software for the specialized needs of artists, educators, and researchers working with audio, visual media, and physical computing. Our visual programming tools Max, MSP, and Jitter serve as the creative engine behind thousands of innovative projects.
    More information about Cycling '74 and its entire product line available at
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