Cycling '74 at the 2010 NAMM Show

    Cycling '74 and 85,000 of its closest friends will spend the weekend at the NAMM Show in Anaheim.
    We are sharing booth 6314 with Ableton and offering personal demos of our recently-released product Max for Live. On stage, Vlad Spears will also give daily presentations of Max for Live.

    The Beginning

    Vlad, Gregory, and Andrew ready to talk about Max for Live.

    Despite broad concerns about the dimished size of the NAMM show this year, we're seeing a lot of enthusiastic and energetic visitors at the Cycling '74 booth. Once again, we are sharing space with our friends at Ableton, talking to folks about Max for Live. A marked change for us this year is that instead of answering question like, "What is Max?" the questions are related to what people want to accomplish with this new toolset in Live. This is a welcomed change. Describing how Max can be used in an actual scenario is a powerful way of illustrating its possibilities.

    Huston from Ableton introduces Vlad.