When is a Patch Finished?

    Is a Max patch something with a beginning and end, like a software application, or is it a constantly evolving and developing work?
    We were curious what you guys thought about this, so we posted the following question to our Twitter followers: "How do you know when your patch is finished?" What we got back was an overwhelming and diverse set of answers that ranged from the hilarious "when someone rips the keyboard from my cold, stiff digits" -@absolv to the more philosophical "there is no finish" -@computo.
    As it turns out, the answer to this simple question is as varied and complex as the Max user community itself. Perhaps how you answer this question depends on what Max means to you, how you approach it as a tool. For a sampling of some of our favorite answers, I've gone ahead and copied them below.
    @meriol_lehmann    "patches are never finished, they're constantly evolving"
    @toddbert    "When the machine stops making horrible noises, and instead makes the horrible noises I want it to."
    @wugmump    "when you teach someone else how to use it."
    @mediapathic "I find that the patch is "done" when house lights go back up."
    @vladspears    "When you start using parts of it in other patches."
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