Week 9: Single-button Output

    Did you know you can cause all loadbangs and loadmesses in your patch to output by clicking on one button?

    Did You Know #9: universal

    • Apr 12 2011 | 11:59 pm
      I always use the message loadbang to a thispatcher object for this purpose
    • Oct 21 2011 | 4:25 pm
      The difference is that sending a "loadbang" message to [thispatcher] executes the loadbang-trigger as it would happen when starting a patch and sending "send loadbang bang" to a [universal] object just sends a bang to all loadbang objects. In detail the difference is:
      Using [thispatcher] all [loadbang] and [loadmess] objects as well as all loadbang() functions in JavaScript-Objects and Java-Classes are triggered.
      Using [universal] only the specified objects (in this case the [loadbang] ) will receive a bang. JavaScript and Java loadbang() fucntions will not be triggered.