Mobile audio with a Max workflow

    You can't schedule musical inspiration. Nothing is more frustrating than having an idea in your head, but not being in a position to record it before it slips away.
    Since the iPhone came into my life, I do a lot better job of capturing the ephemeral. At first I just used the built-in "Voice Memos" app to quickly document the moment as best I could, tape recorder style. I have since tried a whole host of audio capture tools, including my latest love, Loopy, a cute little app that lets me quickly layer a bunch of loops.
    The idea of course is that later I'll take the captured audio and import it onto my computer for further processing with Max, Live, and other tools. But this is invariably where other audio capture apps all fail; they have great interfaces for capturing and basic authoring, but clumsy, inconvenient systems for exporting the audio to the computer.
    What mobile audio apps do you use? Are there any that do a great job of integrating with a computer-based workflow?

    • Jul 18 2012 | 12:41 pm
      Great subject! I currently use an app called Catch which is kinda okay I guess. I just installed PCM Recorder by Tascam which I have yet to try. Liking the look of Loopy. Gonna check it out now. Like I said, great thread, really interested to see what others come up with.